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Degrees / Rites / Associations

Craft Masonry

The Craft Degrees in Freemasonry are the starting point of a Brother’s masonic career.  They form the base and foundation that all the other side degrees and further degrees up to the 33rd are built on.

Rose Croix

An explanation for aspirants of the Rose Croix degrees as worked in the Grand Lodge of Modern Mixed Masons.

Mark Master Mason

Similar to Craft Freemasonry, the Mark Degree conveys moral and ethical lessons using a ritualised allegory based around the building of King Solomon's Temple

Royal Ark Mariner

The story of this degree contains events before, during and after the Biblical flood.  It portrays Noah and two of his sons within the Lodge room which is made to represent the Ark of Safety.  Indeed,

Holy Royal Arch

This is an additional Ritual in Freemasonry, closely associated with the Craft degrees.

Order of the Secret Monitor

The Order of the Secret Monitor is the Brotherhood of David and Jonathon and is in its way older than Freemasonry itself.

Royal and Select Masters

The Order of Royal and Select Masters, often known as the Cryptic Degrees consist of four highly dramatic degrees.

Allied Masonic Degrees

The 3 main degrees we concentrate on are St Lawrence the Martyr, Knight of Constantinople and Grand Tilers of Solomon.

Knight Templar

The Knights Templar Rite is essentially designed for professing Trinitarian Christians and the Candidate must display the signs of honour, dignity and loyalty to the Sovereign if aspiring to this Rite.

Red Cross of Constantine

As a Master Mason, if you acknowledge the Christian Faith you are qualified to become a member of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine.



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