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Our Meetings

The Inspectorate meets at the beautifully unchanged Theosophical Hall on Maid Marion Way in the centre of the vibrant city. The venue with its esoteric feeling in every room lends itself well to many Degrees only worked here. Dinner is taken in our own private room at the next door Salutation Inn dating back many, many centuries.

Craft Lodges

Lodge Golden Rule No.12
Lodge of Glory No.14

Supreme Grand Chapter

Salutation Royal Arch Chapter No.6

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

Rosetta Stone Mark Master Mason Lodge No.6

Additional Degrees working under Grand Lodge / Supreme Council 33rd Degree

St. Barbara Knight Masons Council /
Royal Order of Scotland Lodge & Chapter

Ancient & Accepted Rite working under the Supreme Council 33rd Degree

Crown of Thorns Rose Croix Chapter 18th Degree No.7

Grand Council of the Order of Royal & Select Masters

Salutation Royal  & Select Masters Council No.2

True Order of the Rosy Cross

Isaac Newton TORC College No.3

Masonic Order of Druids

Tigguo Cobauc Order of Druids Grove

Chivalric Orders working under the Grand Priory

Faith Knight Beneficent of the Holy City Prefecture No.4
Easter Glory Knight Templar Priests Tabernacle No.4

Commencing in 2020 / 2021

Fellowship of the Celtic Cross
Masonic Order of St. Patrick

ROS Notts.jpg

RWBro Kassy Parker AGM

Grand Inspector of Nottinghamshire

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