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Grand Lodge Appointments


It is thought helpful to explain to all members of the Order the general policy followed by
the Grand Master (assisted by the Deputy Grand Master, Assistant Grand Masters, Grand
Inspectors, Grand Secretary and Grand Director of Ceremonies) when Appointing their team
of Grand Officers at the Enthronement Meeting in March of each year.

1. All Installed Brethren will be offered an appointment to either an Acting or Past Grand
Rank depending on their wishes, i.e. whether they are able to attend (work and
family permitting) the four Grand Lodge Meetings held across the country during the

2. First Appointments for Installed Brethren will usually be to one of the following

Senior Grand Deacon, Junior Grand Deacon, Assistant Grand Chaplain, Assistant Grand
Director of Ceremonies, Assistant Grand Superintendent of Works, Assistant Grand Sword
Bearer, Assistant Grand Standard Bearer, Grand Pursuivant and Assistant Grand Pursuivant


3. Promotion after a maximum of 3 years in an Office will usually be to the Deputy Rank
of one of the following Offices:

Grand Chaplain, Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary, Grand Chancellor, Grand Director of
Ceremonies, Grand Registrar, Grand Sword Bearer, Grand Standard Bearer and Grand
Superintendent of Works

4. Usually the next promotion will be to the Substantive Rank of the above Offices.

5. Thereafter, Promotion is based upon service to the Order and will usually follow the
pattern of Appointment to one of the following Offices:

Junior Grand Warden, Senior Grand Warden, Grand Inspector, Assistant Grand Master,
Deputy Grand Master and potentially Grand Master via Election.

6. In addition, all Installed Wardens will be offered an appointment to Grand Steward,
Grand Tyler or one of the Assistant Ranks if they are able to attend Grand Lodge



Carl Dinsdale, Grand Secretary.

Bro. Carl Dinsdale with Logo.png
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