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Grand Lodge Modern Mixed Masons – Landmarks


  1. Every Brother must declare their belief in a Supreme Being, this is the first and foremost common bond of us all.

  2. A Volume of the Sacred Law must be present at every Meeting, the number and version being appropriate to the Brethren and Candidate present.

  3. Each Candidate shall be Obligated in each Degree on or within sight of an appropriate Volume of the Sacred Law.

  4. We proclaim equal rights for both men and women on an equal footing in order to uphold freedom in the search for Truth.

  5. Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth shall be practised by all irrespective of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

  6. The Ritual used for each Degree shall be a means of communicating the significance and learning of the Degree to all.

  7. The Harmony, Enjoyment and Education of all the Brethren are of paramount importance and nothing shall be allowed to disturb any of these.


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