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Membership Application

All information supplied is received in the strictest confidence. All information is handled only by the team processing applications and no information or data will ever be shared with third parties outside of the Order of Modern Mixed Masons.

Initial Application

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Who can join?

1. Anyone who are 18yrs or older. We are an inclusive Order

so we respect gender equality, race, and social status as part of our Landmark and Tradition. We welcome all walks of faith and so long as you believe in one Divine Supreme Being.

2. You must enter freely with your own freewill and accord. Devote your time freely in learning as part of our tenets.

3. Joining Freemasonry entails a lot of cost. We make sure that our cost would be reasonable. We are help to help the less fortunate through Charity activities.

Remember this.

Whoever wishes to enter the temple shall leave behind them all their worldly possessions, titles, and status. For laboring on that level, he or she will be recognized and henceforth will be introduced as a plain brother and sister to all and for all seasons. 

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