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Our meetings

Craft Lodges

Lodge Resurgam No.2
Lodge of Unity No.4
Lodge Universal No.5
Lodge Emeritus No.7
Lodge Victory No.11

Additional Degrees working under Grand Lodge

Light Invisible Secret Monitor Conclave
St Werburgh Operative Freemasons Assemblage

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

White Stone Mark Mason Lodge No.1

Supreme Grand Chapter

Golden Triangle Holy R

The Inspectorate has a multitude on venues and Lodges and Additional Degrees to cater for all the many Rituals and Degrees. Social Boards are held with either a Buffet, Supper or Restaurant meal depending on each Lodge etc.

Grand Council of the Order of Roayl & Select Masters 

Hidden Vault Royal & Select Masters Council No.1

Ancient & Accepted Rite working under the Supreme Council 33rd Degree

Perfect Light Rose Croix Chapter 18th Degree No.1

Grand Imperial Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine

Agnus Dei Red Cross of Constantine Conclave No.1

Grand Royal Ark Mariner Council

Rainbow Light Royal Ark Mariner Lodge No.1

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MWBro Trevor Wood

Grand Insepctor of Lancashire

Trevor Wood 1.jpg
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