Distribution of Relief for Fire Victims (Philippines)

This was now the local government unit's turn making sure that the distribution was in order and giving to those who needed it much and who had not received any assistance were to line up. The brethren look on to observe.

As the distribution went on smoothly we had an opportunity for a quick photo with a very capable coordinator Jonathan first on the left standing row. Without him, it would have been totally chaotic, of course, our local community councilman Navarro (center in grey shirt), was there to provide government support as an authority figure.

Our hands extend with the other sectors as well from The Kindred Nomads, wearing shorts and center, Nick the Brit, to the right the Americans we have Bill and Donnie. Nick was such a delightful fellow, a showman at best as he wows the kids in excitement and giving joy, of course, it comes with toys. A little early for St. Nick, but not this Nick.

Manus Multae Cor Unum.

Fraternally, Almino "Junji" Malaza Jr. Lodge Secretary Lodge Keystone No. 27

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