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Maureen's Experience.

"I had done some research on Freemasonry whilst working in inner-city schools. I was volunteering and setting up a user service to help parents get the services they need for special learning needs children,

Freemasonry appealed to me as a way to continue my work for communities and beyond. After my initial enquiry, the support I got was second to none. I was helped to find a lodge, I got to speak to Masons about their journey and had any questions I had answered. I was invited to lodge for dinner!

There I received a warm welcome, everyone I met couldn't have been more nicer. Since becoming a Freemason the support hasn't stopped. I continue my work and have formed friendships. Now I am part of a "family" that works for good. I'm proud to be a member and would encourage anyone that feels Freemasonry would be a good fit to make an enquiry."

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