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The Grand Lodge of Modern Mixed Masons (GLMMM) is one of the newest Masonic Orders, including both male and female Freemasons, working together in harmony within the true tenets of Freemasonry.


It was founded on the Masonic precepts of one of the oldest secular fraternal societies in the world, which recently celebrated 300 years of Masonic History, and now embraces the 21st century.  A belief in a Supreme Being is a requirement of all members within the Order, although there are no restraints as to that belief.  All Faiths are welcome and respective sacred books relevant to the members present are used in open Lodge.

Our modern take on Freemasonry in the 21st Century is being fully inclusive and we welcome anyone regardless of their race, gender or religious beliefs.  We proudly offer greater opportunity for advancement and involvement in the wide variety of degrees at an affordable amount.

The principles of Freemasonry are very closely linked to the basis of all major religions and faiths.  The analogies found in our Ritualistic practices teach us how we should treat ourselves, our neighbours and the world in general.

Mixed Freemasonry is bringing together women and men concerned with the individual’s moral compass and spiritual values. Members are taught its precepts by a series of ritual dramas. These have been described as ‘a unique system of morality which is communicated by way of allegorical plays which use Masonic symbols as a teaching aid’. They retain basically the same forms used in the United Grand Lodge of England and use stonemasons’ customs and tools as allegorical guides.

The administration of the Order is spread around eight Inspectorates that oversee the running of the Craft Lodges, associated degrees and additional rites. The site lists the Inspectorates, giving the details on all the meetings that take place within that area. We also have information on the respective rituals we offer.

The Craft Degrees are the foundation on which the Order operates, however, we offer many side degrees and rituals and alongside our Fraternal relations and associations with other Orders we give a broad and thorough interest to all those looking for something beyond the craft.

All members are encouraged to visit other Lodges within the Order and we wholeheartedly welcome visitors from other Orders and Fraternities.


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RWBro Peter Knill

Deputy Grand Master

Siegfried Nolze 1.jpg

MWBro Siegfried Nolze

Grand Master

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MWBro Carol Knill

Immediate Past Grand Master

Past Grand Masters

George Elton.jpg

MWBro George Elton

2018 - 2019

Trevor Wood 1.jpg

MWBro Trevor Wood

2017 - 2018

MWBro Carole McGilvery.jpg

MWBro Carole McGilvery

2016 - 2017

MWBro Rev Canon David Hughes.jpg

MWBro Rev Canon David Hughes

2015 - 2016


MWBro Carl Dinsdale

Founding Grand Master 2014

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